completed campaigns

Sethubandhanam’s campaigns are primarily centered about 4 themes: 

  • Veda Patasala Paripalana:  This involves supporting the sustenance of Vedapatasalas across the country. 
  • Swadharma Paripalana: Financially supporting individuals involved in Dharmic activities (the custodians of our Samskriti) such as Vaidikas, Pujaris, Gurukkals, Pujakars, Archakas, Nadaswara Vidwans, Paricharakas etc in times of need. 
  • Devaalaya Paripalana: Supporting renovation, consecration efforts of temples, and also nithya-poojas in many temples of dharmic significance but neglected. 
  • Dakshina Bharatha Goh-Samrakshana: Supporting gho-shalas across South India for sustenance and rescues of cows from slaughter. 
Details of the campaigns that have been successfully completed across each of these themes can be found below. 

veda patasala Paripalana

swadharma Paripalana

₹ 14,29,000 Raised
102% Funded
₹ 1,23,000 Raised
125% Funded
₹ 7,84,877 Raised
141% Funded

devaalaya paripalana