COVID Support for bhattachariars in sholingur lakshmi narasimha Temple - updates

Individuals Supported
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Funds Disbursed
Per person over 2 months

Donors for this campaign


With with blessings of Lord Narasimha the campaign has been fully funded, thanks to our generous donors. The support was indeed overwhelming. 

We set out to support 16 individuals in the Sholingur Lakshmi Narasimha temple with ₹3,000 per head for 2 months. The required funds have been received and the first month’s support has been dispatched to all the individuals which has been duly acknowledged. 

  • June 2020: A sum of  ₹48,000 has been transferred for the month of June 2020:  ₹3,000 per head for 16 individuals. 
  • July 2020: A sum of  ₹48,000 will be transferred on July 1st 2020.  

Please watch this video by Doddachariyar Swamy Shri. K.K.C. Rajaswamy conveying his blessings and feelings on the campaign. 

S NONameDesignationAmount transferred (June)
1KKC Rajaswamy Doddachariyar Swamy3000
2KKC Selvan Doddachariyar Swamy3000
3Balaji Doddachariyar Swamy3000
4KS RajaBhattachariyar3000
5Sarathy Bhattachariyar3000
6Durai Bhattachariyar3000
7Narasimmhan Bhattachariyar3000
8Mohan Bhattachariyar3000
10E sridhar Paricharakar3000
12Govinda gunda (Aravindhan) Svayampakam Madapalli3000
13Sesagunda Svayampakam Madapalli3000
14Amudhu Svayampakam Madapalli3000
15Raju Svayampakam Madapalli3000
16Krishnaswamy Devasthanam Prohidar3000

Details of the campaign


The priests of the Sholingur Narasimha temple are facing the brunt of the lockdown. Their livelihood was sustained by the offerings of the devotees who visited the temple. The only means of income has been severely impacted due to the present lockdown. 

The Doddachariyar Swamy Shri. K.K.C. Rajaswamy reached out to Shri.Ramakrishnan for help.  Shri. Ramakrishnan is well-known to Sethubandhanam users as one who regularly helps supply oil to various Paadal Petra temples in Tamil Nadu.  Please watch the video to understand from him about this. 

This campaign focuses on providing dhaanam to 16 individuals in the temple – Rs. 3000 per head for the next two months.  This includes:

  • 3 Doddachariyar Swamy
  • 6 Bhattachariyar
  • 2 Parcharakar
  • 4 Svayampakam Madapalli
  • 1 Devasthanam Prohidar

 Let us support the true bearers of dharma! 

Significance of this cause

The COVID-19  lockdown has impacted several people and events across the country. The Sholingur (Kadigachalam)  Narasimha Swamy temple’s bhattars will be provided with support through this campaign. 

Why support this cause? 

The bhattars have only one stream of income – the offerings of devotees who visit the temple. With the lockdown extended and that crowds to temples will take a while to restore, the COVID crisis’ impact will be felt even after the lockdown is lifted. Thus a support of ₹3,000 per head, albeit small, will go a long way for the bhattars. 

Further, it is a divine co-incidence that this request for help has come right before the Surya Grahanam on June 21, Sunday. Any donation (dhaanam) made on this day is said to have multi-fold effect.

Let us support the true bearers of dharma! 


Shri. Ramakrishnan and his team are well-known to Sethubandhanam’s users. Their 30-member team have been involved in various dharma-karyams including supplying oil to various Paadal-petra Shiva sthalams. They have transparently run various recurring campaigns on Sethubandhanam the details of which can be found here. 

Thanks to the overwhelming response of our donors, Shri. Ramakrishnan’s campaign to support 26 Gurukkals in remote villages on Sethubandhanam too fructified. The details of that campaign can be found here. 

The Doddachariyar Swamy in the Sholingur temple had reached out to Shri. Ramakrishnan for support and he in turn seeks the support of our generous donors for this cause. 

Doddachariyar Swamy
Parcharakar & Svayampakam Madapalli
Devasthanam Prohidar


The following 16 members will be provided support in the form of Sambhavanai of ₹ 3000 per month for 2 months 

1KKC Rajaswamy Doddachariyar Swamy
2KKC Selvan Doddachariyar Swamy
3Balaji Doddachariyar Swamy
4KS RajaBhattachariyar
5Sarathy Bhattachariyar
6Durai Bhattachariyar
7Narasimmhan Bhattachariyar
8Mohan Bhattachariyar
10E sridhar Paricharakar
12Govinda gunda Svayampakam Madapalli
13Sesagunda Svayampakam Madapalli
14Amudhu Svayampakam Madapalli
15Raju Svayampakam Madapalli
16Krishnaswamy Devasthanam Prohidar