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gho rakshanam

Shri. Venkataraman runs a ghoshala with 13 cows in the Shri Krishna Paramatma Temple, in Sengundram, Chennai.

The temple’s goshala is really struggling to meet the basic requirements of fodder every month. Let us support the goshala in the abode of Lord Shri Krishna

₹29,293 of ₹29,060 raised

Vadhyar Shri. Meenakshisundaram runs a ghoshala with 90 cows in Thirukattupalli, Ranaganathapuram – near Trichy, Tamil Nadu. 

He has an unmet requirement every month and  needs our support.  Please help support this custodian of Dharma

₹25,502 of ₹25,000 raised

Sai Srinivasan, Shri. Gopal and their team (the Periyava Kainkaryam group)  are determined to save as many cows from the clutches of death as possible. They have rescued over 1000 cows from the clutches of death and have housed them in safe-havens. The cows have been rescued thanks to your kind donations. 

 The Indian Institute of Animal Welfare, founded by inspiring Dr. (Miss) Sadhana Rao. Indian Institute of Animal Welfare is  a Public Charitable Trust registered in the year 1988. IIAW in Neelangarai, Chennai and the  goshala  is  in Ventapuram Village with  700 rescued cows and 150 other cattle. They thrive on donations and on a monthly basis are struggling to make ends meet.

Adopt a cow for ₹2,000 per month  by sponsoring its monthly feed.  

₹60,002 of ₹50,000 raised

veda rakshanam

Sri Chakra Mahameru Peetham is the seat of Mahameru and Sri Chakra worship established in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. The peetathipadhi of the Matham, His Holiness Sri Sri Sacchidananda Tirtha Mahaswamigal is a Advaita Sannyasi in the lineage of the Shankaracharya tradition.

His Holiness Sri Sri Bilaspur Swamigal, has personally sought the assistance of our donors to assist the Patasala run by the Matham. 

This campaign which will be run every month looks to generate to meet the operational expenses of the patasala  There are 70  students in the patasala besides the Vedic pundits.  

₹6,502 of ₹60,000 raised

The Vasishta Veda Gurukula in Attapur, that houses 10+ vidhyarthis has requested for monthly support that will be used for provisions and running of the patasala. They have requesed our donors to support them on a monthly basis for provisions, cook salaries and overall running of the patasala. 

Let us support these kids who are the future custodians of our dharma.

₹14,350 of ₹35,000 raised

A Yajur Veda Patasala in Mylapore, Chennai, that houses 10 vidhyarthis (students) along have requested for support. 

They require financial support to make ends meet and alleviate them from this financial crunch. The support requested is to the tune of ₹18,500 per month. This campaign will focus on generating funds to provide consistent monthly support for these true custodians of our Sanatana Dharma. 

₹18,500 of ₹18,500 raised

aalaya rakshanam & yaagams

A very unique temple that houses the Paduka of Shri. Adhi Shankara Bhagavath Paadal installed by His Holiness Paramacharya Sri. Sri. Chandrashekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal, 68th Acharya of the Moolanmya Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, requires support for Kumbabishekam. 

The Shri. Adhi Shankara Bhagavath Padaal Padhugai Temple in the town of Walajahpet (near Vellore) in Tamil Nadu is in need of monthly support

This is a monthly campaign to support the operational expenses in the temple. It includes a Rs. 7500 salary to the archakar and Rs. 2500 for flowers. 

₹10,000 of ₹10,000 raised

The famed Siruvapuri Balasubramanya Temple is undergoing Kumbishekam on August 21, 2022. Sri. Ananthakrishna Sastrigal, a great vedic scholar is conducting a chaatur-veda parayanam at the temple during the kumbabishekam for one week. This campaign targets supporting sambavanai for 10 Vedic pundits for 5 days. 

₹1.03 lakh of ₹1.03 lakh raised

Paadal Petra Shiva sthalams are those that are revered in the hymns sung by the Nayanmars 1100 years ago. These temples are considered among the greatest in the continent. Most of these temples don’t even have access to basic amenities. This campaign would help purchase oil to light lamps for these temples of great historic significance. We will support 50 temples per month

₹2.4 lakh of ₹3.6 lakh raised

swadharma Paripalana

The famed Siruvapuri Balasubramanya Temple is undergoing Kumbhabhishekam on August 21, 2022. Brahmashri Ananthakrishnan Sastrigal, a great vedic scholar is conducting a chaturveda parayanam at the temple during the kumbhabhishekam from 17-21 Aug. This campaign targets supporting sambhavanai for 10 Vedic pundits for 5 days. 

₹1.03 lakh of ₹1.03 lakh raised

The priests of the Sholingur Narasimha temple are facing the brunt of the lockdown. Their livelihood was sustained by the offerings of the devotees who visited the temple. The only means of income has been severely impacted due to the present lockdown. 

This campaign aims to support 17 Doddacharyas/Bhattacharyas and others with Rs. 3000 per head per month for 2 months. 

₹94,000 of ₹94,000 raised

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