Support construction of a rare Veda Patasala

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal in 2 months. Funds are no longer required for this cause. Please donate towards one of the active causes here


The patashala, managed by the Vaidik Bharath Trust,  had purchased electrical fittings for Rs. 49,763. The required funds were transferred by the trustee Shri. Gopalakrishnan of Gurukataksham trust.

Sethubandhanam’s donors have contributed Rs. 39,072 off the total sum required.  Please find attached the requisition letter from the patashala, the invoice of materials purchased and the transfer acknowledgement for this transaction.

Donors for this cause

The donors for this cause can be found here


The Angirasa Antarvediya Gurukulam in the Kamala village (Baghpat District), Uttar Pradesh, has a veda patasala with 12 brahmacharis and 2 acharyas.

They are looking for funds to complete the construction of the patasala. This campaign will focus on sponsoring the electrical supplies for the construction of the patasala.

This campaign seeks funds for the electrical fittings.


The Angirasa Antarvediya Gurukulam is unique in multiple ways:

  1. It is the only gurukulam in whole of bharata where shankhayana shakha of the rgveda is taught
  2. In uttara bharata, it is the only place where shrauta karma is taught outside of Varanasi.
  3. It is located in the most pious region between Ganga and Yamuna which is considered equal to the space between garhapatya and ahavaniya ritual fires of an agnihotri.
  4. The gurukulam emphasizes on aachara (practicing what is taught as a part of daily life), instead of mere accumulation of knowledge.


  • The patasala has 12 brahmachari-s , two acharya-s at present.
  • They are operating out of 2 pieces of land
  • Their main building is still under construction with construction being slow for want of funds.
  • They plan to expand to 25 students in April 2020 and can accommodate up to 50 students. They are stifled because of lack of funds.
  • As of now, most of the sustenance money comes from Shri Mohit Bharadwaja’s well-wishers and friends and a good amount is his personal money.
  • He and his wife are not taking any salaries as of now. But plan to in the future as it’s their only source of income.


Village Kamala, District Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, India


The Gurukulam is being assisted by the Gurukataksham Trust in raising funds. This campaign will happen through the Gurukataksham Trust, which will ensure the appropriate conveyance of the funds for this cause of sponsoring electrical fittings only.


The Gurukataksham Trust, established and run by well-minded individuals, exists to support and sustain Sanathana Dharmic activities as envisaged by His Holiness Jagadguru Sri. Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi (Mahaperiyava). These include:

  • Gho Samrakshanam (Rescue of cows)
  • Renovation of dilapidated temples
  • Veda Samrakshanam (Protection of Vedas)
  • Apara Karma Support (Supporting death-related karmas)
  • and others

They presently support 8 old temples in Tamil Nadu with a few more in the pipeline.