Support shri Sriram Bhattar conduct nithya shri suktha parayanam

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This is a very unique campaign.  Sri Sriram bhattar, an eminent Scholar and expert in Vedic rituals. He did his Vedic studies in Tirupathi  Patasalai. He is an expert in Vaikhanasa Agama Sastram. He has also completed Prathishtantham.  He hails from Sengalipuram Brahmasree Anantharama Dishatar disciples lineage. He is an expert in Jyosiyam and Upayanyasam as well. 

As per the instructions of  ex-president of India, Sri Ramnath Govind, Sriram Bhattar  has conducted 1 Lac Aavarthi Sri Suktha Homam in Sri Golden Koil at Vellore, for Loka kshemam.

He has conducted lot of Kumbabishekams  in Srivallipututhur, Vanamaamalai, Thiruvahandipuram  Divya Desams.

In this Sri Srinivasa temple, Valajapet, they are dearth of funds. They are not able to meet the expenses for the daily rituals itself. To increase the sanctity of the Shri Srinivasa Perumal temple,  it has been planned to do 1 Kodi Archanai, 30 Lacs Nithya Homam and Go Poojai. The cost for Homa dhiravam, thaligai, Brhamana Sambavanai, Ghee and all other Pooja materials, all put together comes to Rs. 9000 per day.


So kindly request the Aasthikas to extend financial support to carry out this Mahayagyam.

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