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Vadhyar Shri. Meenakshisundaram runs a ghoshala with 90 cows in Thirukattupalli, Ranaganathapuram – near Trichy, Tamil Nadu. 

Ever since the lockdown our donors have been supporting Shri. Meenakshisundaram who now seeks our help to purchase fodder for the year for his cows. 

Being harvest season he wants to capitalize on the lower price and stock up on fodder. Further, due to the rains, his stock of fodder has gone abegging and requires our support. Given the large number of cows and multiple reasons he is in need of consistent help. 

Donors on Sethubandhanam helped Vadhyar Shri. Meenakshisundaram with ₹3+ lakhs  in the past. Please listen to the video from Sri. Meekashisundaram on how our donations were timely and helpful. He also seeks sustained support to weather the storm. 

Vadhyar Shri. Meenakshisundaram’s requirement

Vadhyar Shri. Meenakshisundaram is looking to purchase hay to sustain his gho-shala in Thirukattupalli, Ranganathapuram, near Trichy, Tamil Nadu. 

His ghoshala which houses 90 cows is depending on his income to sustain the ghoshala by purchasing fodder. The ghoshala also supplies: 

  1. Milk for students studying vedas
  2. Muttans (balls) of cow-dung which is used by nithya agnihotris for their daily pooja
  3. Cow-dung cakes (varattis) for pooja and homams. 

The goal of this cause is to help Shri. Meenakshisundaram to make his ends meet so that he can sustain the ghoshala. He is looking to purchase fodder for the cows in the form of hay for the entire year. This is because the price of hay is the cheapest now being harvest season. 

One bundle of hay costs ₹150 and he requires 5000 bundles for the cows in his gohshaala. 

We will try and support him as much as we can. Kindly watch his video as well. 

Shri. Meenakshisundaram can be reached at +91-9843334364. He also sells pure vibhoothi (Thiruneeru or Bhasma or holy ash). Those interested can contact him directly. 

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