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This is a very unique campaign. Sri Anjaneya Sharma – a nithya agnihotri and a descendent of a family that has conducted various great yagnas over generations is now conducting a Shree Vishwashanthi Mahayaaga Sahitha Jyotish Trikadruka Gostrikadruka Ayustrikadruka Maha Yaagam. This mahayagna is to be conducted for 21 days in the Pattiseema Village in the West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. 

In this campaign, we look to support the yagam 

Shree Vishwashanthi Mahayaaga Sahitha Jyotish Trikadruka Gostrikadruka Ayustrikadruka Maha Yaagam

The Jyotish trikadruka Maha yaga bestows bountiful blessings in terms of food and shelter for all living beings. The Gostrikadruka purifies the antariksha loka and thereby acts as a shield from pandemics’ spreading. The Ayustrikadruka bestows long and healthy life to all the pashus in all worlds and confers all pleasures to beings in the Deva loka. 

This yaga has benefits that indeed transcends various lokas. 

They have been mentioned in the 7th Kanda 4th prasna of Krishna YajurVeda, Taitreya SamhithaSri Anjaneya Sharma

The Dendukuri Parampara

The Great Dendukuri family agnihotri parampara is dedicated to the protection of Vedic culture and rituals from many generations with utmost commitment and focus.

The 7th generation Nithyaagnihotri Brahmasri Dendukuri Anjaneya Wajapeyi Mahaagnichith Yajwa Ghanapaatigal, Trivedi, has been conducting several rare and unique Vedic yagyas successfully for the sole purpose of Loka Kshema.

Residing in a small village called Kanakavalli, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, he is maintaining a Gosala, running a Gurukulam in his house, and continually doing Shroutha Anushtanams. He is living like an example of how a Brahmin is supposed to live as prescribed in Vedas supported by His Dharma Pathni Sree Lakshmi Mahagnichith Somapithini.

He has performed more than 28 yagyas – saptha Paaka yagyas, saptha Havir yagyas, saptha Soma yagyas, Mahagni Chayanam, Sarvatho Mukham, Pancha Kaatakas for the lokakshema.

The total cost estimate for this yaga is ₹30 lakhs. We look to raise ₹50, 000 through this campaign.

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Rs. 12603 was collected for this kainkaryam and transferred to Shri. DVS Anjaneya Sharma. Here are the screenshots of the transfer.