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what is sethu bandhanam

Sethu Bandhanam is a platform to connect well-minded donors to dharmakartas in need of funds. India (bharata-desha) is a land of great ancient treasure with Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) as its founding stone. All over India various dharmic activities take place through the year – all of which require funds. The intent of this web-platform is to bring all well-minded donors on one platform to ensure that all many dharmic activities receive the funds they require to be realized. Sethu-bandhanam is a non-profit platform that exists with the only intent of furthering dharma and dharmic activities in India. It will focus and feature only those activities that will further Sanatana Dharma.

Sethu Bandhanam, which means a joining bridge is exactly what this web-platform is. It serves as a conduit between well-minded recipients and donors.

how to raise funds?

Sethu Bandhanam exists to assist Dharmakartas raise funds for their Dharmic activities. It is our intention that no Dharmic activity should be stalled due to lack of funds. The process to get listed on the platform is given below.

Read the FAQ

Please read the FAQ section below to clearly understand whether Sethu Bandhanam is the right platform your your cause.

Fill the form

Fill the Campaign Request form here with all the details. We will get back to you within 2 days for more details.

Frequently asked questions

A crowd funding platform that connects well-minded donors with Dharma-kartas . It is 

  1.  Not for profit
  2. Only for activities that further Santana Dharma or Hinduism
  3. A connecting platform that neither receives or donates to any of the causes listed on the platform

NOIt is a non-profit initiative.  All donations are made directly to the dharmakartha (charity).  Sethubandhanam is not involved in any of the money transfer.

Broadly anything that would further Sanatana Dharma (but non-personal). For instance preservation of vedas, conservation of cows, supporting temples and activities in them, nurturing Samskrit, vedic research and conservation projects, activities supporting vaidhekas are a few instances of activities that will be featured on Sethu Bandhanam. 

Yes – provided the cause for which funds are being sought are able to satisfy the following

  1. Appear legitimate to the administrators of the website
  2. The fund-seeking dharmakartas are prepared to share any paperwork required (such as registration certificates, PAN, bank details) 
  3. Are clearly related to fostering dharmic Hindu activities. 

All the fund-seeking activities will be screened and only then posted on the platform. 

Unfortunately no. 

While we understand that your situation might legitimately warrant external financial assistance, this platform is strictly for those activities that are related to the growth and fostering of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) only. 

There are other generic crowd-funding platforms you might want to look for. 

If you have the ability to accept credit/debit cards, we can feature a link to the same page. We don’t accept any funds on your behalf and want the donors to interact with you directly. 

  1. Email: As soon as a donor provides his/her details on our website, a copy of their details will be sent to you as well. This will have the Name and email of the donor. 
  2. Transfers: The donor will make the donation directly to you. 

Sethubandhanam is a connecting platform between donors and dharmakartas. We encourage you to provide as many details as requested by the donor like you would to non-Sethubandhanam donors. 


For the campaigns that are listed on this website, we request that dharmakartas report the donations received.