Paadal petra sthalams require oil

Thanks to all our donors, the fundraising goal was met. Despite the lockdown during April, the team managed to supply oil to 18 temples as listed below.


Donors for this campaign

We thank our donors for the generous contributions towards this cause. The list of donors for this cause can be found here

List of temples served

  1. Thirupalathurai
  2. Thiruvetakudi
  3. Melaperumballam
  4. Chayavanam
  5. Pallaveshwaram
  6. Kovil Venni
  7. Thirupurambiyum
  8. Eragaram
  9. Kottaiyur
  10. Inambur
  11. Thirusakthimuttram
  12. Thakolam
  13. Koovam
  14. Illumaiyankottur
  15. Therazhandur
  16. Thiruvalivalam
  17. Thiruvetriyur
  18. Thirukaravasal