Sponsor Veda Pathashala at Kadayam during Shankara Jayanti

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A Krishna Yajur Veda Pathashala in Kadayam, Tenkasi, is requesting for support for their 2nd Shankara Jayanti Mahotsvam, to be conducted from 21st – 25th April, 2023. As part of this celebration, they have organised a Chaturveda Parayanam with Rig, Yajur (Both Shukla & Krishna), Sama (Jaimini and Kauthuma) and Atharva Vedam. They also have daily Rudrabhishekam and a Rudra Krama Archanai planned. 

The programme is attached below for your reference. They require financial support for the event for vaidika sambhavanai, and all other expenses. This is their second year celebration of Shankara Jayanti and this campaign will focus on generating funds to provide support for these important activities to sustain our Dharma and Veda rakshanam. 

Significance of this cause

Veda Samarakshnam is one of the foremost duties of the society. The prime purpose of study of Vedas is Loka kshemartam (well-being of the world). While tomes have been written extolling the Vedas and the need for preservation of the same in our Dharma, protecting those who sacrifice their lives to study the vedas is our duty in every right. 

In the older times, kings and the entire society considered it their duty to protect those who study they Vedas.

Unfortunately, we as a society have failed to impress upon ourselves that this is the highest forms of education. One that involves atleast 12 years of study of the most evolved of subjects. It is an education which students undertake with no assurances of a well-being for the life of a Vaidika is one of regimen and sacrifice.  All these children have the easier option of taking up mainstream education, earn degrees and thereby an assured livelihood. 

But they have chosen to study the Vedas and they should be supported, extolled and revered by our entire society. While that clearly is not the case, the least we can do is ensure that Veda Patasalas financially well-provided to.

Kindly request our donors to contribute towards this very important cause. 


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